I am a member of Croatian Association of Artists of Applied Arts.
I live and work in Zagreb.


Maja Hrnjak

I started photography in 1985 when I enrolled in School of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb. Right in the middle of the war between Iraq and Iran, I left for Iraq for a year (my mother worked there at the time). Immediately I took photography more seriously, as I was inspired by Iraq’s culture, landscapes, and people.

After returning from Iraq, I neglected photography. I replaced spending hours in the darkroom with studying, raising a child, and working.

In 2006, just after graduation anniversary reunion of School of Arts and Crafts, I realised I wanted photography back.
I went and bought my first digital camera just about the same time we picked up Luna the Weimaraner, the dog my son wanted .

My first photo of her was published in National Geographic Croatia, which gave me the wings, and once again I became obsessed with photography. Luna never had any hunting ambitions and she was quite content with our early morning walks through the neighborhood forrest, as well as with her upcoming cover girl carier.  Meanwhile, my work got acknowledged and published in many magazines, which created a solid base for acquisition of new clients and several photography awards.

I quit my day job at School of Medicine and founded my own company. From then on, my carrier flew in two directions – the photography I did for the soul (selling limited edition prints and licences), and the photography I did for the money (commercial, ready-to-order and on demand photography satisfying clients’ wishes, or shooting visuals for book covers). A big part of the latter included shooting veterinary medicine’s products for cats and dogs.

My work is exhibited both in Croatia and abroad, whether in solo exhibitions or group ones.
Some of the photography awards I proudly hold are: Black and White Spider Award, 3rd place in Honor of Distinction in Fine Art Category, with Resting (2010); National Geographic Croatia International Photo, 2nd place in People category (2008), and PX3 Prix De La Photographie Paris, the Public Choice Winner in Pets category (2008).

My work was licensed for Ikea poster collection.

I am a member of Croatian Association of Artists of Applied Arts.
I live and work in Zagreb.